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2024 - Volume 5, Issue 1


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Calculation of Isothermal Compressibility and Bulk Modulus as a Function of Pressure in a Perovskite-Like Framework of [(C3H7)4N] [Mn(N(CN)2)3] / Pages: 1-10 PDF

Sedat Avcı, Mustafa Kurt


The Preventive Effect of N-Acetylcysteine on Liver Tissue Against Doxorubicin-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats / Pages: 11-18 PDF

Suat Çakına, Şamil Öztürk, Latife Ceyda İrkin


Assessment of Some Inspection Properties of Commonly Used Medicinal Excipients Using Statistical Process Control for Monitoring of Manufacturer Quality / Pages: 19-30 PDF

Mostafa Eissa


Current Perspective in Quality Control Examining and Extended Researching for Certain Aspects of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Using Statistical Process Control / Pages: 31-40 PDF

Mostafa Eissa


Early Effects of Natural Disaster (February 6, 2023, Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes) on Fishery Sector and Suggestions for Process Management: The Case of Hatay / Pages: 41-50 PDF

Aydın Demirci, Emrah Şimşek, Semih Kale, Sevil Demirci


Morphological Investigation of Larval Development in Maylandia estherae (Konings, 1995), an Endemic Cichlid Species of Lake Malawi / Pages: 51-56 PDF

İhsan Çelik, Pınar Çelik


Investigation of the Chemical Composition of the Shell Structure of Mytilus galloprovincialis Mussel From Kefken, Türkiye / Pages: 57-68 PDF

Bayram Kızılkaya, Harun Yıldız, Sefa Acarlı, Pervin Vural


Biometric Evaluations of the Mudskipper, Periophthalmus barbarus (Linnaeus, 1766) From Ibaka Mangrove Swamp, Nigeria / Pages: 69-78 PDF

Enenwan Precious Udoinyang, Aniefiokmkpong O. Okon, Victoria Folakemi Akinjogunla, Itoro J. Archibong, Unwana J. Effiong, Emmanuel A. Essien


Effect of Different Planting Times on Yields and Agricultural Characters of Different Mints (Mentha spp.) Varieties Under the Çanakkale Plain Conditions / Pages: PP-PP PDF

Bahri İzci



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